Ramadan Kareem

Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Rahim In The Name Of ALLAH The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful Asalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu
No credible moon sighting reported INSHA ALLAH THE FIRST DAY OF RAMADAN: -SUNDAY JUNE 29th- TARAWEEH PRAYER BEGINNING IMMEDIATELY AFTER ‘ISHA PRAYER (~10:10 pm) Saturday June 28th. On behalf of ISOGS: Ramadan Kareem! May Allah Bless All Our Families, Accept All Our Fasting And Prayers. AMEEN.

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Imam Ghazali


PowerPoint presentation discussing Imam Ghazali. Please click on the below link to download the presentation.

Imam Ghazali

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Newsletters – 2014







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Newsletters – 2013













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Eid al-Adha

Assalam O Alaikum,
Inaha Allah Eid-ul- Adha prayer will be held at the ISOGS Community Center, 3255 Mathers Rd, Springfield IL-62711 on Tuesday, October 15.
Recitation of Takbeerat will begin at 8:00 in the morning. The Salah will begin at 8:30.

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Assalam O Alaikum
Eid ul Fitr will inshahAllah be celeberated tomorrow. Takbeer at 8:00am and Prayer at 8:30AM InshahAllah   Please bring a dish and drink to share with community
JazakAllah Khair
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Newsletter – August

Newsletter 2013-08 August

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Ramadan Questions Juz 21-30

Juz 21: 

The name of a major battle in Islam is mentioned in this part.  Quote the verse that has the name of this battle.

Juz 22:

There are no limits to the Rahmah, Mercy, of Allah. Where do we find this in the Quran?

Juz 23:

Allah warned those who are hard hearted.  Where is that warning in this part of the Quran?

Juz 24: 

Who came first; Yusuf/Joseph or Musa/Moses, pbuh?  Show your evidence using a verse from this part?

Juz 25: 

What is the name of the angel of  hell?  Quote the verse that mentions about him.

Juz 26:

Your vision will be very sharp, or as strong as iron.  When is that going to be according to the Quran?  Show your evidence using a verse.

Juz 27:

There is a wall in the Quran whose one side is Rahmah, Mercy, and the other side is ‘Adhab, punishment.  Where do you find this wall mentioned in the Quran?

Juz 28:

Allah gave two examples of righteous women and two examples of unrighteous women.  Who are the two righteous and who are the two unrighteous?  Please quote the verses.

Juz 29:

The color green is mentioned in a verse in this part giving glad tidings.  Please quote the verse.

Juz 30:

Muslim scholars indicated that the Quran is well preserved in “Al-Lawh Al-Mahfoothz,” the Preserved Tablet. Does this statement have any evidence in the Quran, or is it in the Hadeeth?  Show your evidence.

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Ramadan Questions Juz 11-20

Juz 11:

In the history of mankind, there was only one town whose people all became believers. Who are these and which verse talks about them?

Juz 12:

Hasanat, good deeds, wipe out Sins. Where do we find this in the Quran?

Juz 13:

Find a verse in this part that states that Allah is aware of what the aggressors and tyrants are doing and will punish them for what they are doing.

Juz 14:

In this part there is a verse that some scholars consider as presenting the first step in the prohibition of alcohol. What is this verse?

Juz 15:

Some scholars use the Quran to cure some diseases. Mention a verse in this part that supports this opinion.

Juz 16:

Even if you talk to the worst person in the world, you have to talk politely and softly. Mention two verses from this part that supports this statement.

Juz 17:

Rituals and physical movements don’t count alone; what counts in the sight of Allah is Taqwa, God consciousness. Quote the verse that supports this statement.

Juz 18:

If you go to your friend’s house, would it be okay to open your friend’s refrigerator and eat some of what is there? Is there a verse in this part of the Qur’an that permits this?

Juz 19:

Knowledge of the Book as given by Allah can make one look like those in science fiction movies. Quote a verse that shows how much power this knowledge could do? Describe the stand of the believer who is given this power.

Juz 20:

One of the laws of Allah is that He will test his believers. Quote a verse showing that this will happen to any believer.

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Islamic Community Center for Springfield, Illinois

The Islamic Society of Greater Springfield (ISOGS) is a non-profit Islamic organization founded in 1981 and is located in Springfield, IL. It is a Masjid and a Community Center serving the Muslims of Springfield and Central Illinois. Its mission is to provide Islamic educational, social and cultural services to the Muslim community in the region and to promote the teachings of Islam to the inquiring non-Muslim

The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to purchase 6 acres of land that has an existing building which will serve as a community center. The Muslim community has seen quite a growth in the last 5 years and the present facility is insufficient to hold community events such as Eid prayers, Iftars, and Taraweeh. Additionally, the facility will be used for Sunday school and Insha-Allah a full time Islamic school in the future. It will also serve as a recreation center for our youth.

The cost to purchase the property is $785,000. The community has raised almost $500,000 and we still need another $285,000 by August 15th, 2013.
Please visit if you would like to make a contribution.

Please open your heart during this blessed month of Ramadan and contribute whatever you can, even if it be a small amount, towards this noble effort. Our beloved Prophet (alei salam) was more generous than a cool breeze during Ramadan.

All contributions are tax deductible and will go entirely towards this project. Masha-Allah we have an extremely diverse, cohesive, and educated community. But because we are in central Illinois, our resources are limited. We need to reach out to others to help us. Please spread the word to those you know. Please feel free to contact us @ information@isogs.org or visit at us www.isogs.org. You can also contact us at 217-4169009

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